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Temperature Tracking for Home Security?

Temperature Tracking — Pros and Cons

The environmental threats that homes face can cause just as much damage as thieves and burglars. Temperature tracking is one aspect to consider seriously when getting a residential security system. Freeze and heat detectors are designed to trigger when the temperature in a home drop below or exceed regular levels. They do this by capturing data and sending it to a thermostat. Once you receive the alert remotely, you can activate the proper measures. The devices are usually integrated with humidity sensors, which increase their suitability in a home. Wondering why you should spend more on residential security by adding a temperature sensor?


In the cold season, the last thing a homeowner needs is to return to a freezing home. You may have an automated heating system that stays on when people are away. However, a malfunction or an unprecedented event like a blackout may render your appliance useless, causing temperatures to drop. A temperature monitoring system is invaluable in such circumstances. If it’s a mechanical problem, you can get the necessary repairs to ensure the place is warm when you return. Freezer detectors are also useful for homeowners with second homes. A remote security system can help you maintain livable conditions in your secondary property without having to be there physically.

Prevent Damage

Homes contain numerous items that can suffer damage from constant exposure to low or high temperatures. Art pieces, for instance, can degrade over time and lose their worth due to temperature fluctuations. Luxurious furnishings like leather couches, aquariums, and home theaters are other valuables that may be sensitive to temperature changes. A heat detection system in your wine cellar can ensure that high temperatures don’t destroy your wine collection. Moisture and temperature control can also help to preserve the quality of your property.


Find temperature tracking systems that integrate seamlessly with the rest of your residential security.