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Security Alarm Services for the Home

When you consider alarms, you may think of a blaring sound that rings through the house in the event of a break-in. While that is certainly a feature of security alarm services, it is not all that modern alarms do. These systems can provide an array of different protective services.


The heart of security alarm services is protecting homes against break-ins. You can have a system installed that will contact the police and send a loud sound through the house if someone comes into through a window or door or breaks the glass. Some systems also come with panic buttons that you can carry, and you can use these buttons if someone attacks you as you are walking into the house, for example.

Smoke and Fire

Having a smoke alarm is important, and having one that is attached to your security system is even better. You don’t have to worry about making the call to the fire department, although you may want to for extra security, because your alarm will do it for you. Check with the alarm company to see how many you should install for the size of your house.

Carbon Monoxide

Most people know how important it is to have one of these detectors in the house. However, they may fear what could happen if they do not hear the alarm when they are sleeping or if they have pets who are home alarm. A carbon monoxide detector can alert the authorities.

Natural Gas

Many homes have stoves and heaters that are powered by natural gas. Natural gas can leak. Some security companies have started to offer services that also monitor natural gas so that the proper authorities can be called to the house in the event of a leak.


Home security has come far since it first began, and you can have these services in your house