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Doorbell App Shows Who is at Your Door


With the world getting crazier every day it’s time to start thinking about your home security. According to Safewise, a burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the US! One of the easiest things you can do to make your home safer is to get a smart doorbell. Smart doorbells can do all sorts of cool stuff like Wi-Fi apps, two-way communication(you can speak with them like walkie-talkies), and of course, they can be integrated into an automated home system. Along with your smart doorbell of choice will come with a doorbell app for you to get on your phone!

Useful Features

With the doorbell app, you can answer the doorbell like a telephone call on any device you have the app installed on. Some smart doorbells will come with their own app for setup but others won’t require an app for installation. Smart doorbells range from rechargeable batteries to being hardwired to your doorbell that is already in place. If you do not have a doorbell system already in place a good option is the Ring Video Doorbell. It is completely wireless and self-charging with good video quality and more great features. This comes along with the Ring Video Doorbell App, which was featured on Shark Tank as the Doorbot.


Some other smart doorbells to consider would be the August Doorbell Cam. It’s more affordable and can accomplish many of the same things that the Ring Video Doorbell can. Generally speaking, the higher the price of the system, the better the picture and functionality will be. Some of the more expensive ones like Chui have built in facial recognition software! You can add and edit familiar faces and in combination with a smart door lock, it will let them in automatically if you wish to do so. This may seem like an unnecessary feature in a home environment, but it would be good for small to large businesses. Or perhaps you just really don’t want to dig for those misplaced keys!

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