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Doorbell App Shows Who is at Your Door


With the world getting crazier every day it’s time to start thinking about your home security. According to Safewise, a burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the US! One of the easiest things you can do to make your home safer is to get a smart doorbell. Smart doorbells can do all sorts of cool stuff like Wi-Fi apps, two-way communication(you can speak with them like walkie-talkies), and of course, they can be integrated into an automated home system. Along with your smart doorbell of choice will come with a doorbell app for you to get on your phone!

Useful Features

With the doorbell app, you can answer the doorbell like a telephone call on any device you have the app installed on. Some smart doorbells will come with their own app for setup but others won’t require an app for installation. Smart doorbells range from rechargeable batteries to being hardwired to your doorbell that is already in place. If you do not have a doorbell system already in place a good option is the Ring Video Doorbell. It is completely wireless and self-charging with good video quality and more great features. This comes along with the Ring Video Doorbell App, which was featured on Shark Tank as the Doorbot.


Some other smart doorbells to consider would be the August Doorbell Cam. It’s more affordable and can accomplish many of the same things that the Ring Video Doorbell can. Generally speaking, the higher the price of the system, the better the picture and functionality will be. Some of the more expensive ones like Chui have built in facial recognition software! You can add and edit familiar faces and in combination with a smart door lock, it will let them in automatically if you wish to do so. This may seem like an unnecessary feature in a home environment, but it would be good for small to large businesses. Or perhaps you just really don’t want to dig for those misplaced keys!

Home CCTV Systems –What You Didn’t Know

History of Home CCTV

In the past, businesses were well known for employing burglar alarm monitoring known as CCTV, or closed-circuit television. This security service was valuable for prevention as well as aiding police in a burglary investigation. Today, CCTV has become much more common in homes as well thanks to increasing availability and affordability.

Here are three things you didn’t know about these alarm systems.

1. Prevention is 90% of the job.

One of the biggest things that closed-circuit cameras provide is a constant deterrent to burglary. Most potential thieves will try to get into homes that have as little security as possible, meaning a home that is monitored by visible and out of reach cameras will always be safer.

2. Cameras are not connected to the outside world.

Many people are wary of security systems that use cameras because they think anyone can hack into them at any time, but this is actually a misconception. Closed-circuit television means exactly what it says. The cameras are connected to a closed-circuit that is usually contained within the home, meaning outsiders will not be able to peek in.

3. Cameras come in many shapes and sizes.

Whenever someone hears about CCTV cameras, they usually think of a large, box-shaped camera that may be unsightly on the side of a house. However, thanks to innovations in the security alarm system industry, cameras nowadays come in all shapes and sizes. Most homeowners tend to use dome cameras that are discreet, but are still easily visible for burglary prevention.


Finding the right 24×7 monitoring system can sometimes be difficult just because the whole industry looks complicated for those who are not tech-savvy. However, thanks to innovation today, most homeowners can easily learn how to take advantage of home security services and keep their homes safe from intruders.

Why Buildings Need Security In Place

Purpose of Building Security

If you don’t use building security options, you are not being safe. Thankfully, you can find out more about building security here. That should help you to see why this is such a useful type of service that can easily make your life that much less of a hassle.

What kind of items do you have in a building? Chances are that you have a lot of expensive furniture, equipment, and items that are not replaceable like important paperwork. With security in place, you are more likely to scare off a would-be robber. If they hear a noise from the alarms going off or if they just see that you have cameras and other security measures in place, you are less likely to get robbed. It doesn’t matter where your building is located, there are people that will try to get in and take what isn’t theirs if you are not careful about this.

Security Systems Cost are Down Across the Board

Security systems are no longer that expensive. You have to compare the cost of it to what you’d lose if someone got in and stole from you. It pays for itself, in most cases, for you to have a system keeping your building secure. It not only helps you if someone breaks in, it also keeps people from even trying to get in due to how much of a hassle it will be. So many awesome options are out there from cameras that you can use as evidence after a break-in to alarms that alert the authorities for you automatically.


Securing a building can keep it safe from criminals and other issues. If you’re interested in making sure you’re safe at all times when you’re in a building or are away from it, get security systems set up. It will pay for itself because it will keep criminals at bay.

Home Security Technology’s Latest Advancements

Home Security Technology Trends

Like all technological advances, the greatest innovations in the home security industry have become affordable over time. In the past, intricate motion-detectors were the stuff crime films were made on, with an elusive cat burglar outfoxing the remarkable security apparatus. These days, you can protect your family and possessions with technology of a similar caliber without taking out a second mortgage to pay for it. I will address five of the latest advances in the home security industry you might consider.

1. Wireless motion detecting home alarm systems.

For an intruder wanting to enter your home and make off with your prized possessions, the sophisticated infrared motion detectors are a great deterrent. Once a living, moving being is picked up by these detectors, the alarm will sound and notify your security company of a security breach.

2. Close proximity to command center and spy apparatus.

When an alarm goes off and requires a response from a home security company, will yours be there to respond? The best in the business do not settle with one command center where alarms are sent. The most accomplished in the business have control centers in several locations across the country, leaving the smaller, local security companies down on the totem pole.

3. Flood and freeze protection.

We have all heard the horror stories of floods in the home and the extensive property damage water can inflict. Whether it’s a bathtub left running accidentally or a natural disaster, you should be ready to confront home flooding and save your pets and possessions from injury. Water sensors can provide the protection you need. The same goes for sub-zero temperatures. A severe drop in temperature can gravely harm the elderly and put your whole family at risk. Look into the freeze detectors now on the market.

4. Instant communication from any room in the house.

For a senior citizen living alone or spending many hours without company, you never know when emergency services will be required. In case of an accident, give the elderly a chance to get help by providing intercom services in each room and one-touch home alarm system activation, able to be worn around the neck or on a key chain. If they are unable to get to the phone, it could be a life-saver.

5. Heat and poison sensors.

The amount of fire-related tragedies happening every single year is staggering. Ever more shocking is the many homes that are not well equipped to handle such an emergency. Make sure you have smoke detectors installed throughout your home and find out how a heat sensor can give you an extra measure of security. Additionally, the threat of leaking carbon monoxide has made detectors for this deadly, odorless gas mandatory in all parts of the country. Make sure you alarm system is prepared to sound in case of a carbon monoxide leak.

Seek expert advice

In addition, security companies have developed a strong experience base in security analysis, cost justification of products and services, return on investment model building and the education and training of the most current staff members. If you need more information on the same, you could contact these firms or check out more information on their web sites.

top security camera

Top Security Cameras for Your Home

Decide Where the Camera Goes First

Security is a necessity in our lives and everywhere we are. Determining the top security cameras to use will depend on the location and purpose. The first two major categories of surveillance cameras are indoor and outdoor cameras. If a family needs cameras for their home, they will buy both categories. Outdoor cameras will secure the compound and perimeter of the house while indoor cameras monitor interior activities.

Pick the intended use

Each classification of cameras comprises of various forms of cameras. Each kind of camera has particulars best suited for a given performance. Some cameras have similar objectives so a camera comparison will enhance a good decision.The modern technology has made surveillance cameras effective and convenient for their purposes. For example, a case requiring intelligence or evidence can use nanny cameras, which are undetectable.

Select Features

Before buying a camera, other factors also need to be considered. Choose cameras with both day and night surveillance. A camera will be more proactive if it can detect motion. If any movement is made in the area of view it will make an alert.Remote viewing is also a fundamental quality. One can monitor from smartphones and other devices regardless of location. Remote viewing ought to be accompanied by Wi-Fi capability to facilitate communication between the device and cameras.
Another essential determinant is the cost of a camera.


This factor is highly considered when doing camera comparison. One has to buy cameras within his or her budget. Outdoor cameras need to be weather proof since they will be exposed to the exterior atmosphere. However, the owner needs to protect them and avoid frequent malfunctions. Resolution, sound, and movement are other basic requirements found in top security cameras.No particular camera is the best because consumer needs differ. Each individual should decide the most appropriate camera according to his or her security goals. Good choices will minimize failures and other inconveniences.

temperature tracking sensor

Temperature Tracking for Home Security?

Temperature Tracking — Pros and Cons

The environmental threats that homes face can cause just as much damage as thieves and burglars. Temperature tracking is one aspect to consider seriously when getting a residential security system. Freeze and heat detectors are designed to trigger when the temperature in a home drop below or exceed regular levels. They do this by capturing data and sending it to a thermostat. Once you receive the alert remotely, you can activate the proper measures. The devices are usually integrated with humidity sensors, which increase their suitability in a home. Wondering why you should spend more on residential security by adding a temperature sensor?


In the cold season, the last thing a homeowner needs is to return to a freezing home. You may have an automated heating system that stays on when people are away. However, a malfunction or an unprecedented event like a blackout may render your appliance useless, causing temperatures to drop. A temperature monitoring system is invaluable in such circumstances. If it’s a mechanical problem, you can get the necessary repairs to ensure the place is warm when you return. Freezer detectors are also useful for homeowners with second homes. A remote security system can help you maintain livable conditions in your secondary property without having to be there physically.

Prevent Damage

Homes contain numerous items that can suffer damage from constant exposure to low or high temperatures. Art pieces, for instance, can degrade over time and lose their worth due to temperature fluctuations. Luxurious furnishings like leather couches, aquariums, and home theaters are other valuables that may be sensitive to temperature changes. A heat detection system in your wine cellar can ensure that high temperatures don’t destroy your wine collection. Moisture and temperature control can also help to preserve the quality of your property.


Find temperature tracking systems that integrate seamlessly with the rest of your residential security.

How to Select the Right Home Security System Provider

Home security is a topic that finds its way into the minds of many. They worry about the safety of their properties while they are away and home. When you have this concern, keep some tips in mind for selecting the top home security system provider.

Services Available

Home security system providers offer different services. For example, some may offer a complete system that comes equipped with protection for smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and natural gas as well as break-ins. Early on in your conversations with home security system providers, you should ask what services are offered. If they do not match with the ones you feel you absolutely must have, then move on.

The Cost

Speaking with a representative on the phone may not be enough to procure an accurate price quotation for your security system; someone may need to come to examine the house. However, you can ask what the starting price is for security systems. Remember that you will need to pay both an installation fee and a monthly fee. Look to see if the company has sales at any particular time of the year. When you cannot afford the lowest price offered, then you should check out some of the many other security companies.

Panic Button

An excellent feature of security systems is the panic button. You should check to see if one is on the alarm panel, but you should also ask if you get ones to attach to your key chain or to keep separate. Then, you can have a button nearby at all times to use in the event that you must immediately call the police.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing the right provider depends upon the needs of your home and your family. This decision is an important one to make. Therefore, take the time to conduct the research before you sign up for any particular program.

Security Alarm Services for the Home

When you consider alarms, you may think of a blaring sound that rings through the house in the event of a break-in. While that is certainly a feature of security alarm services, it is not all that modern alarms do. These systems can provide an array of different protective services.


The heart of security alarm services is protecting homes against break-ins. You can have a system installed that will contact the police and send a loud sound through the house if someone comes into through a window or door or breaks the glass. Some systems also come with panic buttons that you can carry, and you can use these buttons if someone attacks you as you are walking into the house, for example.

Smoke and Fire

Having a smoke alarm is important, and having one that is attached to your security system is even better. You don’t have to worry about making the call to the fire department, although you may want to for extra security, because your alarm will do it for you. Check with the alarm company to see how many you should install for the size of your house.

Carbon Monoxide

Most people know how important it is to have one of these detectors in the house. However, they may fear what could happen if they do not hear the alarm when they are sleeping or if they have pets who are home alarm. A carbon monoxide detector can alert the authorities.

Natural Gas

Many homes have stoves and heaters that are powered by natural gas. Natural gas can leak. Some security companies have started to offer services that also monitor natural gas so that the proper authorities can be called to the house in the event of a leak.


Home security has come far since it first began, and you can have these services in your house

dyi security

DIY Home Security Tips And Tricks

Getting Started

Do you want to do DIY home security but don’t know where to begin? There are a lot of DIY home security tips out there, so we collected a couple that can help you the most. When you want to get started with DIY home security, just continue reading for more.

The best home security system starts with doors and locks that keep your home safe. You need a door that is hard to get through with a deadbolt lock at the very least. Don’t forget to get locks for windows and if possible you can upgrade your windows so they are harder to get through.

Train the Family

Home security is a good idea to go over with your family. They need to know what to do to lock up the home when they leave, for instance. If you have cameras or anything else on the property, make sure more people than just you know how to check if the system is working. You don’t want it to fail in some way only for the problem to go ignored.

Not home, No problem.

There are many ways to keep your home safe even if you’re not home. 24×7 monitoring is one thing you can work with if you have smart devices that can work with your home system. You can install a doorbell camera, for instance, that sends video through the internet to your phone so you can see who comes by when you can’t be there.

Get help

If you get confused, home alarm companies are who you should contact for assistance. Doing the work yourself can be a better deal, but in the end you really need to get someone on the job that knows what they are doing. In other words, if you don’t have the time to teach yourself the ropes, it’s better to hire help.

security software rating

Security Software Rating vs Home Security Rating

Security Software Rating – What is it?

Having a home security system is widely regarded as one of the best ways to combat burglary and theft. All security systems serve the same general purpose, so you might be questioning how a security software rating is formed and what factors affect these ratings. Security software ratings are normally formed after a collection of consumers have reviewed the product. Some factors that do affect security software ratings are price, and the technology used in the software.


Why are Home Security Products and Services Unrated?

Although it seems logical, the incidence rate regarding home invasions is not a suitable factor because the rate may vary from person to person. Engineering, performance, and product features can be used to convey the level of protection a product or service provides.